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Kaspersky KL-102-10

Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Management

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About Kaspersky KL-102-10 dump

This course is devoted to the core functionality of Kaspersky Security Center and Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10. This training covers most common scenarios for deployment and maintenance of Kaspersky Labs Core and Select products, including management of Anti-Malware and Endpoint control functionality. By completing this training students will be ready to install, configure and support Kaspersky Labs endpoint security products in small and medium environments.
Unit 0. Migration
This chapter describes the steps to be taken to upgrade the administration system and protection tools on the client computers.
Unit I. Deployment
In a deployment, all network computers must be protected, and the administrator must be able to manage protection centrally. From this chapter you will learn how to plan the deployment of an anti-virus protection system.
Unit II. Protection Management
Kaspersky Endpoint Security consists of components, each of which is responsible for protection against a particular type of threat. This chapter describes the component structure of Kaspersky Endpoint Security, the components that protect the file system, interception technologies and the components responsible for networking protection.
Unit III. Control
This chapter is devoted to the components responsible for software control: Application Startup Control and Application Privilege Control, to the Web Control component that allows constraining users’ access to the Internet in compliance with the organization policy.
Unit IV. Maintenance
This unit covers the following aspects of Kaspersky Security Center 10 and Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 operation: licensing and license management, updates, roaming mode, interaction with user, backup copying, monitoring tools.
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