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VMware VCPC550

VMware Certified Professional - Cloud (VCP-Cloud) Exam

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About VMware VCPC550 dump

The VMware Certified Professional – Cloud Exam tests certification candidates on their skills and abilities installing, configuring and administering a VMware vCloud environment. Successful candidates demonstrate mastery of these skills and abilities.
A typical candidate for the VCP - Cloud certification has six months experience working with vCloud Director implementations. They are typically infrastructure personnel, who are capable of installing and configuring ESXi hosts and can use VMware vCenter ™ Server to monitor, manage, troubleshoot, and administer virtual machines. The candidate possesses an understanding of basic cloud concepts including public/private/hybrid clouds, multi -tenancy and cloud security. The candidate is capable of installing and configuring a VMware cloud infrastructure and can monitor, manage, troubleshoot, and administrator a vCloud implementation. A candidate is expected to have a working knowledge of the components that makes up the vCloud Suite and can enable users to deploy vCloud workloads.
Plan, Install, Configure and Upgrade vCenter Server and VMware ESXi

  • Install and Configure vCenter Server
  • Install and Configure VMware ESXi
  • Plan and Perform Upgrades of vCenter Server and VMware ESXi
  • Secure vCenter Server and VMware ESXi

Plan and Configure vSphere Networking

  • Configure vSphere Standard Switches (vSS)
  • Configure vSphere Distributed Switches (vDS)
  • Configure vSphere Standard and Distributed Switch Policies

Plan and Configure vSphere Storage

  • Configure Shared Storage for vSphere
  • Create and Configure VMFS and NFS Datastores

Deploy and Administer Virtual Machines, vCloud vApps, and vCenter vApps

  • Create and Deploy Virtual Machines
  • Create and Deploy vSphere vApps
  • Create and Deploy vCloud vApps
  • Manage Virtual Machine Clones and Templates
  • Administer Virtual Machines and vApps

Establish and Maintain Service Levels

  • Create and Configure VMware Clusters
  • Create and Administer Resource Pools
  • Migrate Virtual Machines
  • Patch and Update ESXi and Virtual Machines

Perform Basic Troubleshooting and Alarm Management

  • Perform Basic Troubleshooting for ESXi Hosts
  • Perform Basic vSphere and vCloud Network Troubleshooting
  • Perform Basic vSphere and vCloud Storage Troubleshooting
  • Perform Troubleshooting for High Availability and Distributed Resource Scheduler (HA/DRS) Clusters and vMotion/Storage vMotion Migrations

Monitor vSphere and vCloud Implementations

  • Monitor ESXi, vCenter Server and Virtual Machines
  • Create and Administer vCenter Server Alarms
  • Install, Configure, and Manage vCenter Operations (vC Ops) Manager
  • Audit Resources and Events in a vCloud
  • Map vCloud Resources to vSphere Resources

Install, Configure, and Upgrade vCloud Suite Components

  • Install available vCloud Suite editions
  • Install and upgrade vCloud Suite components
  • Configure and administer vCloud Connector Advanced Edition
  • Configure vCloud system settings

Administer Users, Roles and Privileges in a vCloud

  • Create Roles and Apply Privileges to Roles in a vCloud
  • Configure AD/LDAP Integration in a vCloud

Create and Administer vCloud Networking

  • Create and Administer vCloud External and Organization Networks
  • Create and Administer vCloud Network Pools
  • Create and Administer vApp networks
  • Manage Network Services
  • Manage vCNS Edge firewall from within vCloud
  • Configure and manage vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) networking
  • Configure and manage VXLAN

Configure and Administer vCloud Organizations

  • Create an Organization
  • Manage Organizations

Allocate and Manage vCloud Resources

  • Create and Administer Provider vDCs
  • Create and Administer Organization VDCs
  • Create and Manage vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) Enterprise Groups
  • Create and Manage vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) Reservations

Create and Administer vCloud Catalogs and vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) Blueprints

  • Create vApp Templates, Media and Catalogs
  • Manage Catalogs
  • Create and Manage vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) Blueprints

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