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IBM C2210-911

IBM WebSphere Portal 8.0 Solution Development

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About IBM C2210-911 dump

Covers Portal 8 material as it relates to these competency areas:
Architecting an IBM WebSphere Portal solution

  • Demonstrate knowledge of WebSphere Portal platform features
  • Identifying scope for custom portlets
  • Know the authentication levels provided by WebSphere Portal
  • Understand how WebSphere Portal features and portlets use user identity to personalize
  • Understand patterns and methods for application integration with WebSphere Portal
  • Use out-of-the-box portlets
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the iWidget lifecycle
  • Understand the use cases for implementing integration with iWidgets versus portlets
  • Demonstrate knowledge of theme development lifecycle
  • Demonstrate knowledge of mobile theme development lifecycle

Portlet development

  • Create cooperative portlets using live text, Click-2-Action, and event broker
  • Demonstrate knowledge of core Java portlet objects in the JSR 286 spec
  • Demonstrate the differences between events, render parameters, public render parameters, and scoped attributes
  • Describe the portlet life cycle for JSR 286
  • Effectively use JSPs to render portlet markup
  • Have knowledge of WSRP for JSR-286 portlets
  • Identify supported portlet modes and custom portlet modes
  • Implement portlet actions and events with Java annotations
  • Understand portlet descriptor files for each portlet type and utilize WebSphere Portal Extend features
  • Use the portlet client model
  • Use Ajax to update state and trigger actions with JSR 286 portlets
  • Utilize client profile information (JSR 188)
  • Utilize standard portlet cascading style-sheet classes

Additional development concepts

  • Developing personalization resources
  • Search the Business Solutions catalog
  • Using and extending the Credential Vault
  • Using Web Content Manager API's
  • Writing personalization and visibility rules

Portal services and APIs

  • Creating a custom portlet service
  • Use Remember Me API to provide anonymous portlet content personalization
  • Understand key Service Programming (SPI) and Application Programming Interfaces (API)
    - Property Broker SPI
    - Login Service SPI
    - Portal User Management SPI (PUMA)
    - Controller SPI
    - Portal Access Control SPI
    - Collaborative Services API
  • Develop login, logout, and session validation filters

Testing and debugging of portlets

  • Effective use of logging
  • Troubleshoot portlet applications

iWidget development

  • Demonstrate understanding of iWidget 2.1 specification concepts
  • Understand the purpose of objects like iContext, iDescriptor, iScope, constants, iEvents , and item types
  • Explain how iWidget modes are leveraged in WebSphere Portal
  • Understand the mechanisms for sharing data and signaling events between iWidgets and Portlets

Theme Development

  • Understand theme optimization framework including basic artifacts such as pages and profiles
  • Understand usage of deferred and non-deferred modules
  • Demonstrate knowledge of customizing a theme based on modular theme
  • Demonstrate knowledge of creating and modify dynamic content spots
  • Understand the artifacts and process needed to customize skins (CSS, entry points, cache expiration)
  • Demonstrate the steps for contributing new layouts
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of menu framework
  • Demonstrate understanding of theme registration and deployment
  • Demonstrate knowledge of registering and administering modules
  • Understand how to create modules and use theme contribution types

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