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Oracle 1Z0-590

Oracle VM 3.0 for x86 Essentials

Free Questions in OTE format

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About Oracle 1Z0-590 dump

Virtualization Essentials

  • Differentiate Server Virtualization technologies
  • Explain the Hardware Virtualization Model
  • Explain the Paravirtualization Model

Xen Essentials

  • Identify xm Commands for common tasks
  • Explain the Netfront/Blkfront and Netback/Blkback Driver Model
  • Describe the difference between Dom0 and a DomU
  • Describe a Guest Config File
  • Explain Xen Bridges

Oracle VM Essentials

  • Describe Oracle VM Installation
  • Describe Oracle VM's Guest OS Support
  • Patch an Oracle VM Server from Oracle VM Manager

Oracle VM Architectures

  • Describe the components of the Oracle VM Architecture
  • Explain the function of the Oracle VM Manager Database Repository
  • Describe the components of the OVS Agent and their purpose
  • Describe the role of the Server Pool Master
  • Explain the Physical to Virtual (p2v) conversion process

Oracle VM Manager

  • Install Oracle VM Manager from Media
  • Create Virtual Machines using Oracle VM Manager
  • Import Virtual Machine Images using Oracle VM Manager
  • Import an ISO File using Oracle VM Manager
  • Create and use Shared Virtual Disks using Oracle VM Manager
  • Manage Virtual Machines using Oracle VM Manager
  • Configure Virtual Machines using Oracle VM Manager
  • Explain the various Cloning types and options
  • Clone a Virtual Machine using a Clone Definition
  • Describe how to manage events
  • Configure Server IPMI

Server Pools

  • Explain the directory structure for a Repository
  • Explain Oracle VM's Shared Storage Pool
  • Create a Shared Repository
  • Manage a Shared Repository
  • Configure an OCFS2 Cluster
  • Configure a Repository Using NFS or iSCSI
  • Register a File Server
  • Set up an HA Server Pool

High Availability

  • Explain the Automatic Failover Process
  • Explain the Live Migration Process
  • Use Network Bonding in an HA Environment
  • Use Storage Multipathing in an HA Environment

Best Practices

  • Apply best practices in Dom0
  • Apply best practices with Storage Repositories
  • Configure DRS/DPM
  • Apply best practices with network types
  • Determine when to use Policies/QoS features

Oracle VM Templates

  • Explain the benefits of Oracle VM Templates
  • Install a template from Oracle
  • Describe the JeOS Tools
  • Explain the use of Boot and Cleanup Scripts
  • Describe the Oracle VM Template Builder

Oracle VM Networking

  • Describe the different network types and their uses
  • Explain the use of Oracle VM VNIC Manager
  • Configure Networking


  • Explain which Log Files are used with Oracle VM Server/VM Manager
  • Troubleshoot problems with the Oracle VM Server Components
  • Examine the Xen Internal Systems to solve common problems
  • Explain Xen Commands for troubleshooting network issues
  • Troubleshoot problems with the OVS Agent
  • Troubleshoot issues with Attached Storage Arrays
  • Explain troubleshooting methods for common problems

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