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Oracle 1Z0-060

Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c

Free Questions in OTE format

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About Oracle 1Z0-060 dump

Enterprise Manager and Other Tools

  • Use EM Express
  • Use OUI, DBCA for installation and configuration

Basics of Multitenant Container Database (CDB)

  • Identify the benefits of the multitenant container database
  • Explain root and multitenant architecture

Configuring and Creating CDBs and PDBs

  • Create and configure a CDB
  • Create and configure a PDB
  • Migrate a non-CDB to a PDB database

Managing CDBs and PDBs

  • Establish connection to a CDB/PDB
  • Start up and shut down a CDB/PDB
  • Change instance parameters for a CDB/PDB

Managing Tablespaces, Common and Local Users, Privileges and Roles

  • Manage tablespaces in a CDB/PDB
  • Manage users and privileges for CDB/PDB

Backup, Recovery and Flashback for a CDB/PDB

  • Perform backup of CDB and PDB
  • Perform recovery of CDB and PDB
  • Perform Flashback for a CDB

Information Lifecycle Management and Storage Enhancements

  • Use ILM features
  • Perform tracking and automated data placement
  • Move a data file online

In-Database Archiving and Valid-Time Temporal

  • Differentiate between ILM and Valid-Time Temporal
  • Set and use Valid Time Temporal
  • Use In-Database archiving


  • Enable and configure Unified Audit Data Trail
  • Create and enable audit policies


  • Use administrative privileges
  • Create, enable and use privilege analysis

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