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Novell 050-730

Certified Novell Identity Manager Administrator

Free Questions in OTE format

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About Novell 050-730 dump

Test 050-730 objectives

  • Describe Novell Identity Manager
  • Describe How Identity Manager Works
  • Describe the Identity Manager Engine
  • Understand the Integrated Installer
  • Use iManager to Administer Identity Manager
  • Describe Designer for Identity Manager
  • Use the Designer Interface
  • Navigate Designer Workspaces, Perspectives, and Views
  • Perform Basic Identity Manager Tasks with Designer
  • Implement Designers Version Control Functionality
  • Manage Packages
  • Implementing a New Driver - Active Directory
  • Manage Drivers
  • Determine When and How to Use Global Configuration
  • Use Remote Loader
  • Perform Identity Manager Jobs
  • Monitor Driver Health
  • Describe and Manage Identity Manager Filters
  • Describe Identity Manager Policies
  • Track an XML Document Through the Channel
  • Manage Identity Manager Policies
  • Apply Trace Reading Basics
  • Detailed Trace Reading
  • Describe the Identity Manager User Application
  • Administer the User Application
  • Use Roles and Permissions to Implement User Application Security
  • Deploy User Application Proxy and Delegation
  • Administer Roles and Resources
  • Describe Password Synchronization
  • Configure Password Synchronization
  • Manage Passwords Using Password Policies
  • Implement Password Synchronization
  • Use Password Self-Service
  • Review the Identity Manager Reporting Architecture
  • Access the Identity Reporting Module
  • Explore the Identity Reporting Module
  • Describe Designer Concepts
  • Understand Workspaces, Perspectives, and Views
  • Understand Editors, Builders, and Wizards
  • Describe Designer's Architecture
  • Understand Packages in Identity Manager 4.0
  • Know how to Manage Packages
  • Know how to Develop Packages
  • Configure Identity Manager Drivers
  • Understanding Driver Authority
  • Understanding Entitlements
  • Describe Entitlements
  • Understand Entitlement Schema
  • Become Familiar with Entitlement Design
  • Describe the Security Model
  • Understanding Domains
  • Recognize Administrators
  • Know How to Create Teams and Proxies
  • Understand Navigation Access
  • Configuring the Directory Abstraction Layer
  • Configuring Provisioning Request Definitions
  • Creating Forms for a Provisioning Request Document
  • Creating Workflows for a Provisioning Request Definition
  • Working with Integration Activities
  • Working with ECMA Expressions
  • Understand Role Approval Workflows
  • Writing Custom Role Workflows
  • Understand Separation of Duties Approval Workflows
  • Identify Mapping Roles
  • Describe Managing Roles
  • Describe Managing Lists
  • Describe Regular Expressions
  • Describe Regular Expression Syntax
  • Know How to Use Expressions In Policy
  • Understanding Regular Expression Through Examples
  • Describe XPath
  • Describe XPath Syntax
  • Understand XPath with XML
  • Understand XPath in Policies

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